October 15, 2020

Pinehurst Newborn Photographer – Susan and Matt

Being their wedding photographer in Virginia also led me to be a Pinehurst newborn photographer for Susan and Matt!

I photographed Susan and Matt’s wedding at Old House Vineyards in Culpepper, VA in 2018 after doing their engagement photos at the Jefferson Memorial in DC so when they found out that they were pregnant they emailed me to see if we could make it work for me to photograph their maternity photos as well.

I was going to be coming up to Virginia in April for an event in conjunction with one of my best friend’s weddings so it was all going to work out perfectly. We set the date for the session and were all good to go.

Then a number of things happened which changed our plans.

One – COVID of course but the even bigger wrench in the plans…

The twins decided to make a very dramatic early entrance! They actually now share a birthday with Michael 🙂

That, of course, changed our plans from a maternity session to some newborn photos but we were all still going to have to wait awhile for the twins to get big and strong enough to be able to leave the NICU.

After 120-some odd days I’m happy to say that everyone is back home together safe and sound!

It was so great to see Susan and Matt again and to get to meet their adorable twins. They kept telling me that their little girl was the sassy one but she was a little angel baby for me and full of nothing but smiles :). She loves the camera and having her picture taken!!!

Both were so good for our session – though both did try to sneak in naps (being a baby is exhausting!). I’m so happy to say that even after all the setbacks we managed to make this session happen.

Congratulations Susan and Matt!


We will be in touch soon. 

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