August 17, 2017

Susan and Matt’s Jefferson Memorial Engagement – NC Destination Wedding Photography

NC Destination Wedding Photography – Susan and Matt’s Jefferson Memorial Engagement

It seems hard to believe, what with the sweltering heat and unrelenting humidity here in North Carolina this week (and what is the deal with all this rain!?!) but Fall and Fall wedding season is practically upon us.

Susan and Matt’s wedding at Old House Vineyards in Culpeper is just two weeks away!  Old House is a lovely venue with one of my favorite pavilions and amazing sunsets over the pond so I couldn’t have asked for a better location or a sweeter couple to kick off my Fall wedding season.




1) Tell me how you met.  Where were you?  What were you doing?  What did you each think when you first saw the other person?

We met through a mutual friend. It was the day of the Kentucky Derby and Matt was out at a bar with our friend Alicia. Susan called to see what Alicia was up to and ended up coming to the same place. We started talking and hit it off right away. We realized we are both from the Midwest (Ironically our home towns where our families still live are only a couple hours apart). Matts goofy sense of humor won Suasn over. He was wearing Susan’s Kentucky Derby hat and made her laugh all night. He DID try to go home with Susan that night but she made him wait 😉 We exchanged numbers and scheduled our first date for later that week.




2) Tell me about your first date.  Where did you go?  Who picked the place?  Was it a huge success or did it have it’s challenges?

Our first date was at a Mexican Restaurant in Arlington. Susan picked the place . We like to think it was a big success BUT in all honesty Susan was super nervous and Matt, being the blunt guy that he is, totally called her out on it. Matt tried to take her home again that night too though (and again she made him wait). Matt had the tacos and Susan had the chicken enchilada, we both laughed a lot and enjoyed getting to know one another.




3) Tell me the story of your proposal.  Where and when did it happen?  Were you surprised?  Was it an impromptu decision or had it been all planned out to the smallest detail?

We got engaged in November. Matts daughter, Madeline, is very dear to both of us. She was staying with us that weekend and Matt took he to the “Grocery store” (really they went to get the ring). When they came home, she stormed into the house pretending something was wrong. Matt said they got in an argument at the store and he asked Susan to take her on a walk to calm her down.
Theres a large staircase in the back of our complex so they started walking down the stairs and talking. All of a sudden Matt came up the staircase, all dressed up. Madeline started laughing when she saw him and thats when Susan knew something was up. He got on one knee and proposed, asking Susan to not only marry him, but be a family with him and Madeline. Madeline was humming a wedding tune in the background!
Susan teared up and exclaimed yes. Then when we got back to the house, Madeline took the ring and got down on one knee and asked Susan to be her stepmom.
It was an impromptu decision on Matt’s part. He knew he was going to do it soon but wasn’t sure when or how until they actually got the ring and Madeline encouraged him to do it when she was there so she could be a part of it too.




4) Where and when do you feel most comfortable and in love with your fiance?  Is it a place, an activity?

When its just us and we are exploring new things together. Whether its doing projects and crafts or checking out a new restaurant or town.


One of our favorite memories is a weekend trip we took last year to Charlottesville. We stopped at some vineyards, tried some new restaurants, and toured Monticello. Doing stuff like that together is fun and relaxing!


5) What part of your wedding are you most looking forward to?  What part are you most nervous about?

Matt is most excited to see Susan walking down the aisle. And is most nervous about keeping Susan calm through the whole wedding planning process 😉


Susan is the most excited about the love lock ceremony at Old House since its unique and meaningful. Susan is most nervous (but also excited) about walking down the aisle. Mostly because its a 3 min walk from the tasting room to the island and she’ll be wearing heels.



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