April 27, 2018

Southern Pines Wedding Photographer – Susan + Matt

From the moment they locked eyes at a Kentucky Derby party, until the day that they walked down the aisle Susan and Matt have been a perfect match.

After both ending up at the same party through a mutual friend Susan and Matt realized that, while Matt may not look as good in Susan’s Kentucky Derby hat as she did, they did have a lot in common.  They both grew up in the Midwest, their home towns are just a few hours apart, and they shared a sense of humor.  Matt won Susan over with his goofy sense of humor that first night and has been making her laugh ever since.

They still both remember what they ate on their first date – tacos for Matt and chicken enchilada for Susan – and even though Matt called out Susan on being nervous during their date they hit it off and it was a big success.
When it came time for Matt to pop the question he had a little help from his daughter Madeline.
“She was staying with us that weekend and Matt took he to the “Grocery store” (really they went to get the ring). When they came home, she stormed into the house pretending something was wrong. Matt said they got in an argument at the store and he asked Susan to take her on a walk to calm her down.
There’s a large staircase in the back of our complex so they started walking down the stairs and talking. All of a sudden Matt came up the staircase, all dressed up. Madeline started laughing when she saw him and thats when Susan knew something was up. He got on one knee and proposed, asking Susan to not only marry him, but be a family with him and Madeline. Madeline was humming a wedding tune in the background! 
Susan teared up and exclaimed yes. Then when we got back to the house, Madeline took the ring and got down on one knee and asked Susan to be her stepmom. 
It was an impromptu decision on Matt’s part. He knew he was going to do it soon but wasn’t sure when or how until they actually got the ring and Madeline encouraged him to do it when she was there so she could be a part of it too. “
Susan and Matt decided to get married at Old House Vineyards.  Susan was drawn in by the beautiful grounds with the ceremony site in the middle of the pond just past the vines and charmed by the love lock ceremony.  She loved adding that unique and meaningful aspect to their wedding.
The day of their wedding dawned cloudy and drizzly, but rather than let this get her down Susan kept her spirits up and stuck with the plan of the outdoor ceremony.  The rain lifted long enough to have the ceremony and it was absolutely gorgeous.
Susan was nervous (and excited) about walking down the aisle to see Matt, especially since it was a three minute walk through the vineyard from the house on soggy ground in heels.  She made it alright and as they say, the rest is history!



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