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September 20, 2016

For their engagement session, Jasmine and Alex returned to Great Falls Park – the same place that they got engaged. Jasmine and Alex met bringing in the new year of 2012. “We were both young, awkward, but always ready to have fun.” said Jasmine. Alex: When I first saw Jasmine I thought she was a […]

August 16, 2016

For Sarah and Ashton’s downtown Warrenton engagement session we knew that we wanted to shoot somewhere dog friendly so that their dog, Baby, could be a part of the engagement session.  Baby was, after all, a big part of how Ashton proposed so she just had to be included! The Warrenton Greenway and Black Bear […]

June 9, 2016

Steph and Rusty’s Blandy Farm engagement session seems to be just one step along a path that was meant to be. When Steph moved to Manassas, she joined the gym where I coach.  Rusty noticed her right away, walking in to class late.  He didn’t approach her right away, but even then he thought she […]

March 22, 2016

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now, what should you wear for your Spring Engagement Session? The general rule of thumb for engagement photography wardrobe is that you want to wear something that is comfortable and that looks like you. Comfort is important. If you are wearing a top that you have to tug at before every picture […]

March 4, 2016

It might not seem like it (what, with the snow and all) but Spring engagement session season is about to be in full swing!  Don’t panic.  I have everything that you need to plan your Spring engagement session right here. FIRST, DECIDE THE VIBE YOU WANT. Knowing whether you want your engagement session to be […]

February 16, 2016

While we were planning Jessica and Neal’s rustic Culpeper engagement session I was talking with Jesse about the location where she and Neal got engaged.  She described a hilltop with views of the Shenandoah mountains and Old Rag. “Perfect,” I said.  “I’ll meet you there.” There was a giggle on the other end of the […]

January 17, 2016

Melissa and David’s rustic Salubria engagement session was scheduled for one of the last days of the season in October. A chill was in the air and the fall foilage provided the perfect backdrop for our casual, laid-back session at Salubria Manor just outside Culpeper, Virginia. David and Melissa were friends way before they ever […]

January 6, 2016

A few days after Thanksgiving Elisabeth and Scotty ventured out to Glengray tree farm to pick out and cut down their Christmas tree. After walking around the tree farm for about 45 minutes, Elisabeth had finally found the perfect tree for their house this year.  So, Scotty started the process of cutting it down. About half […]

November 11, 2015

One of my girlfriends got engaged and the first thing she said after the obligatory “OMG, we’re engaged!!!” selfie had been posted was, “I need to get on Pinterest and start planning the wedding!”  My friend is definitely not alone. Pinterest has been both a blessing and a curse for modern day brides. The site […]

October 6, 2015

Kelsey and Chase’s rustic engagement photography session at Great Falls Park (on the Maryland side) was so much fun! It was like we were good friends just strolling along the canals having a great time.  Both of these two are very relaxed in front of the camera and I can’t wait for their wedding next […]

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