November 29, 2016

NC Wedding Photography – Manassas Battlefield engagement – KC and Amanda

I had such a great time with Amanda and KC for this Manassas Battlefield engagement session.


Though there is a sports rivalry in their house, sports are also what brought them together.

Amanda and KC had both seen each other before at the Freedom Center where they both played volleyball.

Typically after playing volleyball, a group would go out for a little bit and the Monday they officially ,et just happened to be KC’s 21st Birthday.



I (KC) was was planning on going out that Friday to actually celebrate. After talking throughout the night at BWW, I knew I had to get Amanda’s number to coordinate with her for Fridays events.

I (Amanda) thought KC was really nice and pretty good looking. I had seen him before when we were playing volleyball, but never had the opportunity to meet him until that night. After talking with him for most of the night, I knew that it could be something special.



Their first “date” was the Wednesday after they officially met on the Monday.

“We went and grabbed a drink and some food at Velocity 5. We wanted to do something simple since KC had class that night and I had to coach volleyball practice. KC picked the place since it was close to his apartment and was on my way home from where I was coaching and a friend had suggested that it was a decent place to go.”

“The date was a success. It was very informal, but there was never a moment of awkward silence which can happen on first dates. We had great conversation and left the date looking forward to the next time we would see each other.”







KC proposed at the end of a Washington Nationals baseball game at Nats Park.
We are huge Washington Nationals fans so I couldn’t think of a more perfect place for KC to propose.
I was definitely surprised and just so excited and happy that I didn’t even let him finish asking me to marry him before I said yes.



“Proposing at the Nats game was like plan C or D.” said KC.

“I brought Amanda along with my best friend Josh to Nats vs Cards, to try and throw her off what was going to happen plus I needed someone to video the proposal. I learned prior to the game through some research that Nats Park is the second most expensive place to propose if you do it live on the Jumbotron.”



“Even during the game it wasn’t going as planned because the usher wouldn’t allow us to go up to the next section so I had to wait til the end of the game.

At this point Amanda was getting frustrated because I kept putting off our picture at the game.




Once the game was over we walked as close as we could to the field and Josh took a picture we he said didn’t turn out well so we had to take another one.

That’s when he switched it to video and gave me the countdown.

That’s when I proceeded to get down on one knee and before I could get “Will you..”, Amanda was just yelling “yes, yes!”.




Amanda and KC love spending time together by going to sporting events, such as Nats baseball games and Caps hockey games or country concerts during the summer or even just having lazy days together where they just watch movies and relax all day.


“It may sound cheesy,” confided Amanda, “but I love having him there next to me when I go to sleep at night and when I wake up the next morning. It is wonderful knowing that I can always just be myself around KC and that we share a love for a lot of the same things so it makes being together and loving him so easy.”




“We are really looking forward to having our families come together and have our friends there to celebrate such a big day with us. Our family and friends mean the world to us, so it will special for us to have everyone together to witness our commitment to each other.








I (Amanda) am also looking forward to seeing KC at the end of the alter as I am walking down the aisle.

KC also looks forward to seeing me walk out of the beautiful French doors at Evergreen Country Club and seeing me in my dress for the first time.

We are both nervous about the unpredictable Northern VA weather and just hoping that we are able to have our ceremony outside in the stone garden because that is what drew us to picking there for our wedding.








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