February 15, 2016

What Do I Do? {North Carolina Rustic Wedding Photographer}

So, What do I do?

Trying to describe what it is that I do as a North Carolina rustic wedding photographer can be hard.

The short answer – I take pictures.

Congratulations, me and half a hundred other people in a 10 mile radius am I right?


So, what makes me different from all of those other photographers?

The slightly longer answer – I photograph rustic outdoor weddings at North Carolina country clubs, barns, and destinations worldwide in an editorial inspired style that is artistic and joyful.

That’s getting better, but it still doesn’t describe the heart of what I do on a wedding day.  The essence of what I do for my clients is actually much simpler.

I create space.

For joy.

For being open and vulnerable and in love.

During the process of photographing your engagement and wedding I create space for you and your fiance to embrace your connection.


I can create amazing images for you, but being able to create stunning images isn’t the exception in this community of extremely talented photographers – it’s the rule.

What sets me apart is I genuinely believe that I am gifted with the ability to put couples at ease and bring out your most beautiful, authentic selves.

To be totally honest, there is nothing natural about being followed around by a person toting a camera.




It can be weird and akward, especially if you are not one of those in-your-face extroverts.

There are people who are emotive; then there are people who feel deeply, but more intimately.  Instead of projecting, these people collect.  They draw people and things in and hold them close.  They are fun.  They do not scream it from the rooftops, but rather bask in a quiet warm glow.

NC wedding photographer


I understand those people because I am one of those people.

During our time together I give you permission and support to be open and vulnerable.  I want you both to feel safe to shine your joy, and shimmer in each other’s light.


While we are photographing, the only thing that I want you to be focused on is your partner.

When getting ready, I stage all of your details so that the finished photos are effortlessly beautiful.

I carefully monitor the schedule so that we arrive at the right place at the perfect moment.

When we are photographing your portraits, I gently guide you into poses and situations where you can interact with each other naturally while capturing your best angles and expressions.


The finished product is a portfolio of images that captures your wedding in a way that feels natural, effortless, and beautiful.

Does that describe how you would like to feel on your wedding day?

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