August 16, 2016

Warrenton Engagement Photographer – Sarah and Ashton

For Sarah and Ashton’s downtown Warrenton engagement session we knew that we wanted to shoot somewhere dog friendly so that their dog, Baby, could be a part of the engagement session.  Baby was, after all, a big part of how Ashton proposed so she just had to be included!

The Warrenton Greenway and Black Bear Bistro turned out to be the perfect locations for our laid back Warrenton engagement session!




Sarah and Ashton love to spend time together snuggles up on the coach with Baby binge watching their favorite TV shows or talking over dinner out.

“I think we discuss everything going on in our lives most when we are out to eat.” says Sarah.


When Ashton was ready to propose he planned a laid-back surprise for Sarah at their house.

“We were at our house and it was 5 days before Christmas and I was in the kitchen making Ashton and I lunch for the next day. I heard Ashton calling our dog Baby from the back of the house but I didn’t think anything of it. Ashton came up front with Baby in towe saying that there was something strange on her belly that he wanted me to look at. I laid her down and rolled her over on her back and tied to Baby’s belly was a ring. I looked to my left where Ashton was and he was down on one knee and asked me to Marry him. I stood up kissed him and said “I love you.” He said “is that a yes?” I said yes of course. We has no champagne to celebrate with and it was too late to go out so toasted with Moonshine. Something I never thought I would say. ”



Sarah and Ashton met at the restaurant / catering company that they both worked at.   Ashton worked for the butchering part and Sarah worked in the restaurant as well as the catering department.

I think they both knew right from the start that they were interested in the other.

“I had asked my roommate Matt about him and when Matt asked Ashton what he has thought about going out with me he said he had already noticed me and was going to ask Matt about me as well.”



Their first date was a soft opening for Bluejacket, part of the company that they both worked for.

“I happened to have off that Sunday night,” said Sarah “which was very unusual. It was quiet because they weren’t open for normal business yet. We sat at the bar has some drinks and appetizers and hit it off right away.”

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When I asked Sarah what part of the wedding she was most worried about she said it was the first dance.

“Ashton and I have never danced together in the 3 years we have been together. I think we will have to practice before.”



I am so excited to celebrate your wedding with you next Summer!



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