April 26, 2023

Southern Pines Senior Photography – Claire

Claire’s Southern Pines senior session was a blast!

Sometimes I get photography inquiries for senior photography sessions in Southern Pines that sound something like “I just want a few photos for my daughter’s senior pictures, and maybe we can do a couple quick family photos as well?”

Of course, I am happy to shoot both family sessions and senior photography sessions! They didn’t tell me to expect *this* (waves hands in general direction of everything). I’m not sure that they expected to receive such a big gallery from me, but Claire just looked so great everywhere that we went. What can I say, sometimes I have problems with restraint.

Claire is such a beautiful and sweet young woman and I loved being able to capture her at this stage in her life for both her and her family. You know that I had to make sure to get a few shots with her mama as well!!!

The horticultural gardens at the Sandhills Community College were the perfect backdrop for this senior photography session. We can get so much variety at this location and I love how different it makes the gallery of images.

Stay tuned for more images from the family session that we also did for Claire and her family – I’ll be sharing those images soon!


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