July 20, 2023

Southern Pines Newborn Photography – Baby P

This boho inspired in-home Southern Pines newborn photography session for Baby P was a whole *vibe* – and I loved it!

Baby P’s momma had actually won a free newborn photography session with a newborn photographer in Raleigh, but after 3 weeks of, well, life with a newborn, it became clear that getting everyone packed up and driving the hour up to Raleigh just wasn’t in the cards. The other newborn photographer’s loss was definitely my gain because this session was so much fun and I can’t imagine the photos without Baby P’s nursery serving as the back drop. The decor added so much personality and color to our Southern Pines newborn photography session!

Why are in-home newborn photography sessions the way to go?

Picture this, you’ve just had a baby. You are lost in a haze of feedings and fragmented sleep.

You want to have newborn photos – of course you do! Babies don’t keep, as they say. Your infant is growing and changing every single day.

You know that someday you will want to look back and see how much hair your newborn had, and keep that dimple and the size of their tiny toenails from getting fuzzy with time. Time does, after all, have a way of dulling the edges of memories.

You know all that, and yet the thought of having to get your newborn ready to leave the house – diaper bag army and all (not to mention your self and *gasp* your spouse!) is just to daunting to contemplate.

That is why an in-home Southern Pines newborn photography session is the perfect answer!

You can stay in your comfy robe and I come to you. Plus, you get to incorporate your decor into your photos. This gives them tons more personality than your cookie cutter studio newborn photos.

The more editorial vibe of the photos also focuses more on story telling and does a much better job of capturing the relationship and family dynamic. Win-win.


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