August 22, 2023

Pinehurst Weddings – Kyra and Peter

I absolutely adore when couples opt to do something fun and different for their engagement sessions so I was so excited when Kyra sent me a Pinterest inspiration board with retro elopement vibes and asked if we go to Pinehurst Resort for their engagement photos.

I recommend that every couple I photograph have an engagement session so that they know exactly what to expect from working with me prior to their Pinehurst weddings taking place.

Aside from the opportunity to have fun and create gorgeous images of you as a couple (because how often do you really get to have nice photos of yourselves?) it also allows you the chance to get comfortable in front of the camera before the big day. No modeling experience needed.

I use a combination of posing and prompting when photographing couples for their weddings and engagement sessions. Usually I will put the couple into a loose pose and then give them a prompt or ask them to interact together in some way.

Really it is not so much me taking the photos as it is us collaborating together to create an experience that then gets conveyed in images.

For this Pinehurst Resort engagement the scene in my mind was that they had just gotten married and now they had slipped away outside the hotel to have a few moments of privacy to soak it all in – along with a little champagne.

Everyone knows that champagne makes everything more fun.

Pinehurst weddings sometimes get a wrap for being all about golf or overly traditional, but this session is the perfect example of a fun, hip Pinehurst wedding!

We had so much fun at this engagement photography session that I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding at the Weymouth Center here in just a few short weeks!


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