June 16, 2020

Pinehurst Resort Engagement (Surprise!) – Alec and Dana

surprise Pinehurst Resort engagement session

When Alec first emailed me about doing an engagement session I said I would be available and sent him along the standard information for a session. Then he emailed me back and said that he hadn’t proposed yet, but was planning a Pinehurst Resort engagement surprise for his fianc√©.

Well, then I definitely wanted to be a part of it!

Originally, Alec had planned to propose on the trip they had coming up to Costa Rica surrounded by the beauty of the jungle. Then came COVID-19 and plans had to change so instead of a big international trip like they had planned, they decided on a long weekend in Pinehurst to golf and relax. Alec and Dana live in Ohio and they are both avid golfers.

There was a lot of going back and forth over email in the week leading up tp the proposal trying to come up with the best plan to make the surprise proposal a success, while making sure Dana didn’t expect a thing. It wasn’t without it’s challenges. Restaurants were still closed for dine in. We came up with the idea of going on a horse drawn carriage tour through the Village but then at the last minute the carriage had to be taken in for repairs.

Finally, right before the weekend arrived the Governor allowed restaurants to reopen their dining rooms so we had a reason for Dana to get dressed up. Reservations were made at Ironwood and the plan to stop at the Carolina Hotel before dinner was put in place.

We decided the most natural way to make the surprise happen was for me to bring my mom and Michael along with me and be “taking family photos” on the front lawn of the Carolina. Then Alec and Dana could come up and ask if we would mind taking a photo for them.

It all worked like a charm and Dana was so surprised!

Congratulations you two. I know that this trip to Pinehurst will be one you won’t soon forget!


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