October 10, 2023

Duncraig Manor Wedding – Meagan and Josh

Josh and Meagan’s Duncraig Manor wedding was full of beautiful minimal details and just the perfect amount of personalization set amid the backdrop of what feels like an European Manor – just minutes from downtown Southern Pines.

Josh and Meagan met at their gym where Josh was, in his words, “awestruck” by Meagan.

They became friends at the gym and after turning him down (twice) Meagan decided to join Josh and a group of friends for trivia night. After a night of getting to know each other and laughing, they decided to meet up for a lunch date – just the two of them.

Originally they had planned to go somewhere else, but Josh had been raving about this one food truck place for ages so at the last minute Meagan changed their date to the food truck park. They sat on the grass ordering food and talking. That lunch lasted 5 hours!

Ever since that extra long lunch date they have pretty much jumped in to everything together head first.

Meagan even decided the best time to move in was during the power outage that shook Moore County last year. It was pretty chaotic and since it wasn’t the safest to be out and driving around, maybe they should just be living together, right?

Shortly after that on New Year’s Eve Josh proposed to Meagan on the front lawn of the Carolina Hotel where Meagan used to work after moving to North Carolina. Meagan says she blacked out during the proposal and doesn’t remember a thing, but it obviously went well since she remembered to say yes!

When I asked them what they most important things about their Duncraig Manor wedding were to them, they both agreed it was feeling the love and emotion and being surrounded by all of their favorite people (and everyone having fun!)

Well, they certainly succeeded at that.

During their vows they both struggled to hold back tears even though Meagan told me that they had actually already read them to each other several times.

The night was capped off with a bubble exit (which I loved!) as a great alternative to the traditional sparkler exit and a ride into Southern Pines to keep the party going with Sandhills Trolley Company!


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