March 8, 2023

Pinehurst Photographer – Meagan and Josh

I pretty much posted every single photo from this gorgeous Pinehurst engagement session at the Pinehurst Village Arboretum because honestly, we had such a great time and look at these two!!!

Engagement sessions like this make culling photos hard, but editing really easy. We had (aside from the terrible pollen) the most beautiful Sunday afternoon for photos and tons of that dreamy golden hour glow to go around. Like the Pinehurst Resort says, “It’s a beautiful day in Pinehurst”.

Another reason that I love this engagement photography session so much is that before we started Meagan and Josh told me that they aren’t really comfortable in front of the camera.

I’ve been a wedding photographer in central North Carolina for almost fifteen years (can you believe it?!?) and this is one of the most common worries that couples have before their engagement photographer session or about their wedding photography.

I get it.

It’s super weird to meet up with some random chick you’ve never met before to act super lovey in front of a camera. It feels like you’ll need to be putting on a performance with the audience watching you from afar. You wonder, “Am I doing this right? Does this look okay? What do I do with my hands?”

The big secret is that we are in it together.

I am working with you to create a gallery full of natural, emotive images that look like you at your best.

No awkwardness, or cringe poses off Pinterest (I mean, unless you’re into that. I am, after all, a self-proclaimed nerd so don’t feel like you need to hide your weird for me).

I use a series of prompts and activities to help you relax, have fun, and capture effortlessly candid images. You’ll end the engagement session thinking, “Wow, that was actually pretty fun!”

headshot of Mollie Tobias, a North Carolina wedding photographer based in Pinehurst, NC

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