July 1, 2019

305 Trackside Wedding – Courtney + Ezekiel

This 305 Trackside wedding for Courtney and Ezekiel had the most gorgeous color palette of blush, dusty rose, and peach accented with magenta. Very girly while being uber stylish and sophisticated!


Venue: 305 Trackside
Event Coordinator/Wedding Planner: Miranda Ward
DJ/Entertainment: Ward Productions, West End NC
Florist: Botanicals, Southern Pines NC
Caterer: Valenti’s, Vass NC
Invitations and Paper Goods: Minted.com
Cake Vendor: Dulce Antojo, Gastonia NC
Hair/Makeup Consultant: Jaime McGill/Studio Elite, Aberdeen NC
Dress: Jewel by David’s Bridal
Sash and Veil, London – veil
Shoes: Jewel by David’s Bridal
Hair Comb: Dareth Colburn, USA
Menswear: Men’s Warehouse
Jim DeKornfeld, Southern Pines NC

In High School Courtney and Ezekiel both went to Pinecrest High – they even rode the same bus – but day after day they passed by in orbit of each other without ever connecting.

It wasn’t until after Courtney moved away after high school to attend college that the couple really “met”, of all places, online.

While playing World of Warcraft online their personalities just clicked. When Courtney came back home for a break from school they went to the movies with some mutual friends, sat next to each other, and from there starting talking on the phone regularly after Courtney went back to school.

Their first solo date, also at the movies, consisted of Ezekiel good naturally teasing Courtney for laughing at inappropriate times during the movie. Little did he know it was because she was so nervous.

Time passed and they knew deep down that they were meant for each other, now it was just a matter of making it official. Ezekiel asked Courtney’s mom for her great grandmother’s ring in secret and had it restored for her. After one failed proposal attempt in Gaitlinburg, TN (the ring wasn’t ready in time) Ezekiel finally popped the question while they were on a birthday trip to Myrtle Beach. He used the incredibly clever tactic of distracting Courtney with Pokeman Go while he pulled out the ring and of course she said yes!

I asked Courtney what her favorite thing about them as a couple was and this is what she said. “While we have many things in common, our personalities are opposites in almost every way and we compliment each other perfectly. Where I am indecisive, uptight and reserved, he is decisive, laid back and outgoing.”

I love that you both found your perfect other half and your 305 Trackside wedding could not have been any more beautiful!


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