February 12, 2024

7 Unique Wedding Exit Ideas

You have planned out your wedding day from the first look through the reception and now it is time for the big grande finale and you need wedding exit ideas to complete your perfect wedding day.

Not to worry, here are 7 unique wedding exit ideas for you to try!

Sparklers – The Go To Wedding Exit Idea

The sparkler exit is practically synonymous with a wedding grande exit and is pretty much the standard for many couples.

Here are a few considerations when choosing a sparkler exit for your wedding.

Some venues (especially historic venues) do not allow open flames. Be sure to check this prior to planning your exit so that you are not fined. Also, please be respectful of your wedding vendors. You may think that you can get away with a prohibited exit because you will never visit that venue again, but if your vendors are also barred from the venue they will definitely not thank you!

Buy the larger sparkler, not the 4th of July version. The bigger sparklers come in several sizes – 12″, 22″, and 36″. The 12″ ones are good for one run, but may burn out if your crowd isn’t well organized. The larger 22 and 36 inch sparklers give ample time and in some cases enough time to run through the line 2 or more times for extra photo ops.

Get a propane or butane torch to light the sparklers. Lighting sparklers – especially a lot of them – with a regular lighter can be very time consuming. A propane torch or chefs torch are both great options to quickly light lots of sparklers. Of course, be sure to designate a sober, responsible party who is familiar with the torches operation to be in charge of operating them for safety.

Provide safety equipment. Make sure that you have a bucket of sand for the used sparklers and a few fire extinguishers nearby in case of emergency. Better to be prepared for the worst case scenario!

Wait to come out until the sparklers are lit. Once you are ready, you can walk or run but make sure to stop half way down the aisle to do a kiss. It is a great photo op to close out the day!

Birdseed – The Traditional Wedding Exit

While we all know that throwing rice is a traditional exit from the church, we also know that it isn’t a good choice for the local birds. Many couples who wish to keep with tradition have opted to substitute in birdseed.

It gives the same look and feel as rice, but is safe for wildlife.

This option is best for a daytime exit from the church since it does not typically show up that well in photos after dark.

Using this exit on the steps of the church as you leave after the ceremony is the perfect retro throwback vibes.

Glow Stick Wedding Exit

If you want to do an exit at the end of the night, but can’t (or don’t wish to) use sparklers glowsticks can be a fun option to still add light and color.

Many couples already purchase foam glow sticks for the wedding reception so you can absolutely feel free to reuse these for your exit.

There are also several other glow stick options available online – 22″ long glow stick necklaces that you can wave or these fiberoptic wands that you can send home with your guests.

No matter which option you choose, you can work with your photographer to do a few long exposure shots that will create interesting patterns with the glow sticks in the background.

Cold Sparklers – The New Kid on the Block

Djs and lighting companies are now offering cold sparklers with more regularity and they certainly make a statement! If you’ve always wanted to be a rock star (or have your very own WWE entrance) this might be for you.

They do not use any actual fire which makes them okay in many venues, but be sure to double check with your venue just in case.

Ribbons or Streamers – No Clean Up!

This wedding exit option is not very common, but I have had several couples opt for this approach and it photographs well!

Do you have your heart set of streamers, but your venue won’t allow it due to the clean-up required? Check out these self-contained no clean up streamer packs.

Instead of sparklers of glow sticks your guests wave ribbons or little pom pots as you run down the aisle. It still is fun for guests, it looks nice, and you take your chances of getting set on fire down to zero.

Still want a little sparkle? Try these lighted wedding wands.

Lavender or Flower Petals – Biodegradable Option

Another great option for daytime exits, having guests throw dried lavendar or fresh or dried flower petals for your exit.

This is a unique wedding exit idea – and it smells great!

My favorite way to do this exit is to give all of your guests small bags or cones of flower petals as they are being seated and then have them throw the petals either for the first kiss or as you walk back down the aisle.

Bubbles – Leave no Trace

Bubbles are a surprisingly pretty, easy and inexpensive wedding exit idea!

You can give all of your guests personalized vials of bubbles as they line up for the exit, but I also recommend setting up one or two extra bubble machines at the start of the aisle (where you will be walking out from) to give some extra oomph.

These look great during the day or after dark so they are very versatile – and there is zero clean up.


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