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Rustic Editorial North Carolina Wedding Photographer

August 22, 2017

Shabana and Frankie’s Casual Park Engagement – Southern Pines NC Engagement Photographer

Shabana and Frankie’s Casual Park Engagement – Southern Pines NC Engagement Photographer

I booked Shabana and Frankie’s wedding before actually meeting them in person, so the first time we met face to face was for their engagement session at Meridian Hill Park in Washington, DC after I had already moved back to North Carolina.

It is always a little weird to show up to a place that you have never been before to photograph people you have never met but Shabana’s sunny personality and Frankie’s charming Irish accent put me at ease right away.

As we worked our way through the park for photos I got to hear about their engagement and got some insight into what to expect at the wedding (Frankie’s whole family is coming over from Ireland!)

I sent them a few questions about each other that are sprinkled through the blog post.

I hope y’all enjoy meeting them as much as I did.





Shabana originally wanted an emerald for her engagement ring rather than a diamond.  After talking to the jeweler and hearing their concerns about the durability of an emerald as the center stone they decided to compromise and use an emerald cut diamond.  What a stunning choice!


Describe your partner in five words:
 Frankie – Witty, Funny, Sharp, Handsome, Irish
 Shabana – Small, Brown, Bossy, Beautiful, Opinionated



What are each of your hobbies:
 Frankie – Soccer, Movies, Biking, Shopping, Hiking, Drinking/Friends, Comedy Shows
 Shabana – Soccer, SoulCycle, Shopping, Hiking, Drinking/Friends, Comedy Shows




What is your favorite thing about your partner:
 Frankie – Mostly good taste and handy (fixes things)
 Shabana – Sense of humor




What quirks or habits does your partner have that you find endearing:
 Frankie – Pretending she’s taller than she is
 Shabana – Wearing the same clothes everyday



What is your favorite thing to do together as a couple: Eat out

What rituals do you have in your relationship: Sunday brunch, Monday date night



How did you meet? Tinder

Your relationship in one word:
 Frankie – Equal
 Shabana – Easy



If you had the day off and could do anything you wanted together, what would you do? Hiking/Boating

What aspect of marriage are you most excited about?
 Frankie – Honeymoon
 Shabana – Wedding/Parties  – we live together, so don’t anticipate too much will change



What are each of you passionate about:
 Frankie – Sports, Technology
 Shabana – Friends, Family, DC Sports, Career




Shabana and Frankie are getting married next weekend at Oatlands so be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see some sneak peaks from the wedding!


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