April 22, 2014

Why it Pays to Hire a Professional

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I don’t know what it is about the internet, but when people are online they seem to lose any sort of filter they may have at one time possessed and just put.it.all.out.there.

Often with bad grammar, odd abbreviations and not nearly enough punctuation.

One such encounter went something like this.


Random Stranger: “No offense, but why should I pay you to take pictures when I can just do it myself?


Now, usually anytime someone starts a sentence with “no offense” you can be sure that you are about to be deeply offended, but in this case I find this to be a very valid question that deserves a well considered response.

In today’s world photo devices are everywhere.  Almost everyone I know carries one with them in their pockets at all times and probably has two or three more at various levels of sophistication at home from iPhone to DSLRs.


You are probably the same.


Perhaps you got a new camera for Christmas.  You are excited about all of the photographic opportunities out there for you to explore!  You start toting your camera with you everywhere you go and you start taking some good shots.  Encouraged by your progress you may say to yourself “Maybe I won’t hire a professional photographer this year to take our family photos.  I can just take them myself!  What is the real benefit of hiring a professional anyway?”


Hiring a quality professional photographer provides value to you in four major ways:

technical knowledge and skills, unique artistry and personal vision, reliability and peace of mind, and experience.


I am going to be covering each of these four areas over the next two weeks leading up to my birthday on the 30th (did I mention that I had a big surprise that you won’t want to miss happening that day as well?)


Seriously, It is going to be epic.  If you aren’t signed up for my newsletter already go do it now at: http://eepurl.com/olU7v.


Part 1 – technical knowledge and skills

Part 2 – unique artistry and personal vision

Part 3 – reliability and peace of mind

Part 4 – Experience

Part 5 (and a special announcement)


We will be in touch soon. 

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