April 24, 2014

Why it Pays to Hire a Professional – Part 2

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This week we are learning why it pays to hire a professional photographer.  If you missed Part 1 you can find it right HERE.

The second reason that you should hire a professional photographer is for their unique artistry and personal vision.



There are a lot of people who can take a pretty picture, some through the application of knowledge and skill and others through serendipity, exuberance, or luck.

There is a remarkably smaller percentage of people who see the world in a way that you find captivating.


The world is full of art.


I am going to go out on a limb here and say that even if you are a huge art lover, not every piece that you have ever seen lights you up inside.

There are always to pieces that grab you, draw you in, and whisper to you to stay.  You feel a tug in your heart.  You wander past, but your eyes are inevitably drawn back to rest upon that piece again and again.


Pictures of your family should affect you the same way.


The real value of art is the way that it makes us feel; the emotions within us that it stirs.  It is difficult to quantify a person’s artistic eye.

When you are looking to hire a photographer you should feel something when you look at their work.  It should make you happy, tell you a story, remind you that you are blessed.


Quality photography is so much more than a pretty picture.


More often than not, professional photographers are also talented observers.  They are able to intuit what it is about you that is special and unique and capture that on film.  They spend all day surrounded by visual imagery.  A photographer can advise you what to wear so that your family coordinates, ensure that the finished photos will blend with your decor, suggest stunning locations, and use their considerable imagination and creativity to build unique themes for sessions so that your photos are one of a kind – just like you!


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