July 3, 2014

Traditional German Pretzels (or Brezels) {Northern Virginia Food Photography}

When I started to think about what to photograph for my food photography post this month it seemed only appropriate that I would choose a German food from our travels to go along with all of the photos from Germany that have been going up on the blog every Monday.

(Did you miss them?  Check out Germany in a nutshellFrankfurt, Windows and Doors, Munich, and Berchestgaden.)

An obvious win when it comes to German food is the humble, but delicious, pretzel.

Though not difficult to make, pretzels are a bit time consuming and they can be intimidating since some traditional recipies call for the use of food safe lye.  I used the recipie from Amanda’s Cooking (click to be taken to her site for the recipie) which substitutes baking soda for lye and as you can tell from the photos you still get a deep brown, chewy pretzel using this method.  If you follow me on Instagram, the dogs thought that they were a hit (click to see proof) and so did the husband.

Bon Appetit!how to make traditional german pretzels pretzels and beer stein pretzels and mustard traditional german pretzels


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