November 17, 2015

The Best Holiday Gifts for Photographers

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Have you seen the meme about the two types of people once Holiday decorations start appearing in stores?


Love it or hate it, Holiday shopping is upon us.

I am somewhere in the middle of the above mentioned spectrum of Christmas joy/dread.  Christmas has a lot of things going for it that I like – cookies, cider, picking the perfect holiday tree – and one that I don’t.  Buying Christmas presents.

The pressure!

I do, however, like all of the articles that come out this time of year full of pretty gift ideas.

Everyone probably knows someone who is a photographer, so what are the best holiday gifts for photographers?


Non-photo Holiday Cards


Beginning in September or October photographers will spend literally every waking moment (and sometimes while they are sleeping too) thinking about, stressing over, photographing, or editing images.

Septemeber through Novemeber is generally the busiest time of year for photographers with wedding season wrapping up and scores of families and engaged couple all wanting their photos taken during peak leaf season.  By the time the Holidays roll around the last thing that most photographers want to do is try to photograph their own families for their Holiday card.

Take the stress of the photographer you love by getting them some pretty holiday cards that they can just address and send.  I have a selection of calligraphy cards in the Mollie Tobias Creative Etsy Store that would be perfect!

Studio Credit for a Photographer They Admire



You know the old story about how the cobbler’s children never have shoes?  The same is probably true for the photographers you know having family portraits.

There are a lot of reasons that it is hard for photographers to get family portraits done; they are always super-crazy busy during the best times to be photographed, they feel insane pressure for them to be perfect, they feel like they have to take the portraits themselves, they hate having their photo taken, so on and so forth.

Most photographers I know would absolutely love the opportunity to have another professional photograph their family (even if that family is just them and their dogs) but we are a stubborn bunch and sometimes we need a little push.

A Cute Mug

Photographers run on caffeine.  A cute mug to validate our habit is always appreciated.


Married in Maywild-and-free-mug

small glowskeletal-dropkick-yeti-mug

Skeletal Dropkick

A One-year Subscription to Creative Cloud


Photoshop is a fact of life if you are a professional photographer.  If you are one of those people who like to give a practical gift, this one can’t be beat.  You can be guarenteed that the recipient will use it pretty much daily.

Something from BP4U


BP4U is a website that has a lot of very useful presets, templates, and guides for photographers of all levels – AND they are having an Early Black Friday Sale.

Happy Shopping!




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