March 22, 2016


Congratulations, you’re engaged!

Now, what should you wear for your Spring Engagement Session?

The general rule of thumb for engagement photography wardrobe is that you want to wear something that is comfortable and that looks like you.

Comfort is important.

spring_engagement_photography_floral_cardiganIf you are wearing a top that you have to tug at before every picture you are not going to be able to move freely and that self-consciousness will show on your face and in your finished photos.  Your clothes should fit you well so that you are able to move freely without your clothes being either too tight or too baggy (both of which will make you look larger on film).

That said, wear cute shoes.

spring_engagement_valentines_dayI know that I just told you to be comfortable and that cute shoes are not always easy on the feet, but they will add personality and interest to your photos. (and high heels make your legs look super long!)  If the shoes that you are bringing happen to fall on the uncomfortable side, bring along some flip flops or flats as well to wear while walking from location to location.

Dress for your personality.

You want your photos to end up looking like you, so it important to wear things that show off your personal style.

spring_engagement_session_urbanIt is okay to get a little dressy if you want (who doesn’t like looking nice) but if you are the kind of girl who never wears a dress, don’t put one on just because you feel like you should.

If a couple would like to have multiple outfits I generally recommend choosing one that is a bit dressy and one that is more casual – but be sure that the color schemes for both outfits coordinate so that your finished portfolio of images looks cohesive.

spring_engagement-session_formal_green_dress_redspring_engagement_session_what_to_wear_pink_dressyA great guideline for this is think back to the last time that you looked at yourself in the mirror and got giddy.  What were you wearing?  What was the last OMG purchase that you made?  Wear that!  When you are getting ready to walk out the door for your photos I want you to look at yourself and feel your most beautiful.  That confidence will show through to your images and give you that special spark.

Mix it up.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, scale, and colors in your outfits. A Spring engagement session is the perfect opportunity to play with patterns.  The racks are full of pastels, florals, and bright colors!

Patterns are nothing to be afraid of as long as you follow a few guidelines.

Patterns should be medium to large scale and high contrast to avoid moire (that wavy look you see on film with small patterns or heavy close-knit ribs).

Mixing patterns is okay.  To play it safe, keep them in the same color family.

Make sure that you wear that pattern and that it doesn’t wear you.  Patterns that are too large or loud will detract from you in the photos.

spring_engagement_session_nautical_what_to_wearIf your man is in a solid colored shirt, choose a large print blouse or dress.  Have a guy that likes neutrals?  Choose vivid colors for your outfit so that you pop.

Layers are your BFF for a Spring engagement session

Spring weather can be super unpredictable.  Dressing in layers adds visual interest and allows you to adjust as the evening gets cool so that you remain comfortable.

Layers are also a great way to get more “looks” in your photo session without the time of added outfit changes.  For the outfit below it will look totally different to have the jacket off, on but open, or on and belted.  Three looks for the price of one!spring_engagement_session_pastel_printed_dress

Don’t forget about your accessories!

Statement necklaces, belts, watches, cocktail rings, purses, and coats can add pops of color and are great ways to add interest and personality.

Coordinate, don’t match.

Think about how you and your fiance would dress if you were going to a party or out with friends.

You most likely would not both be wearing khaki shorts and white polo shirts, so don’t wear them for your photo shoot either!  You want your outfits to look good together without looking like your mom’s dressed you like twins.spring_engagement_session_what_to_wear_modern

An easy way to make sure that you will coordinate is to use a little color theory.  Color scheme that look good together are monochromatic choose (different shades of blues), complimentary colors (colors on opposite sides of the color wheel like blue and orange), triad (orange, yellow and blue), tetrad (blue, cobalt, yellow and orange), analogic (either all warm or all cold hues like blue, cobalt and teal) or accented analogic (blue, cobalt, teal, and yellow).  If this sounds really confusing to you check out and it will do it for you.  The randomize palette option is great for getting ideas.

Bring a couple outfit choices to the shoot.

Having two or three outfits that are different, yet still work together will give your session variety.  Not sure what to wear?  Bring it and let your photographer help you decide.spring_engagement_session_what_to_wear_leopardspring_engagement_session_what_to_wear_green_camel

What should guys wear?

Unless you are the .5% of women who have a man that is into fashion you will probably be making suggestions about your man’s wardrobe for the engagement session.  I will make this really easy for you.  Go to and search “the getup”.  Up will come a feature they run full of well put together men’s outfit (including accessories) for all types of occasions and situations.  Voila.  You’re welcome.

Still not sure what to wear for your Spring engagement session?

Browse fashion magazines and for ideas.  If you are really stuck, head to a store that offers free personal shopping (like J. Crew or Nordstrom) and ask for help.  Be clear with them about what you are looking for and do not be afraid to tell them what you do and do not like.  Personal shoppers can be great for helping you think outside the box, but if you don’t feel amazing in it – don’t buy it!

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