October 6, 2015

Rustic Engagement Photography Session at Great Falls Park

Kelsey and Chase’s rustic engagement photography session at Great Falls Park (on the Maryland side) was so much fun!

It was like we were good friends just strolling along the canals having a great time.  Both of these two are very relaxed in front of the camera and I can’t wait for their wedding next year!!!

rustic-wedding-photography-engagement-sessionChase and I met in our Introduction to Naval Architecture class at the University of New Orleans’ College of Engineering. It was a small class and on the first day the professor had us introduce ourselves. We took notice of each other right away, and were soon study buddies. I waited a couple weeks to see if he would ask me out, and I just ended up suggesting the idea that he take me on a date. I think he was glad I made the first move!

Virginia-rustic-wedding-photographyEven though I did the asking, Chase planned the date. He took me to an Italian restaurant that  I love to return to over and over again to relive our first date. More eventful was our second date, when I dragged him to a scary movie. He played it tough, but I found out later he HATES scary movies! He was terrified! But he suffered through it for me, and that night we had our first kiss. So I’d say he thought it was worth it to be a little scared.


The part of the wedding that I am most excited about is to get everyone together! Since we’ve moved here we’ve made a lot of friends, but we have family and friends spread out around the country. Having an excuse to get everyone all in one place is such a joy. I’m also pretty excited about our venue, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. I think it’s just beautiful and I love that we get to incorporate so much green and nature in our day.


We chose Meadowlark Botanical Gardens for our wedding after looking at several venues. I liked all the venues we saw, and they fit the budget and our event size, but something seemed missing. I realized that what I really wanted was green! All the venues we saw were to urban, and I love the garden vibe at Meadowlark.

I love the huge skylight at The Atrium at Meadowlark. It feels like we are outside with all the light and the trees inside, but we have all the conveniences of being indoors!

rustic-great-falls-engagement-photography rustic-engagement-photography-great-falls-park

In March, some of Chase’s family was coming to town. He thought it would be great to propose to me before they got here so that we could tell them in person. Well the custom-made ring took a little longer than he thought, and our schedules were so busy, so he ended up with one day left to ask me. He had planned to take me on a walk around DC and pop the question in some stunning place by the monuments, but it was pouring rain! He didn’t really have a backup plan and time was running out, so the second he got home from work, he got the ring out of his nightstand, found me in the dining room, got down on one knee and asked. I was really surprised! I thought, “finally!” and it really felt right. We braved the rain to have an amazing dinner in the city and had a champagne toast to our engagement.

rustic-engagement-photography-great-falls-national-parkIt was great to be able to tell some of his family members in person (since they live in New Orleans) so I’m glad he made his deadline! Looking back, it’s so funny his family all gave him such a hard time about when he would propose when we were in New Orleans for Christmas. He had already met with the jeweler by then. Michael at The Top Jewelers in Arlington made my ring by the way, and I absolutely love it. Chase came up with the design incorporating the waving twists in the band, using the diamond from his grandmother’s engagement ring as the center stone. rustic-engagement-photography-billy-goat-trail

When choosing what to wear to our engagement session we wanted to feel comfortable, in clothes we wear normally. I guess in my causal clothes I was going for a nautical vibe. As naval architects/marine engineers, we often lean on the nautical side.


We are really such homebodies! We love just sitting around at home with our cat, Bonny, listening to music or reading. I love the home we’ve made together.  That and we like our road trips together. We listen to the same musical soundtracks every time.

great-falls-park-visitors-center-rustic-engagement-photography great-falls-park-rustic-engagement-photography

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