May 3, 2019

Michael’s Neutral Woodland Theme Nursery

When I started planning for Michael’s nursery I knew that I wanted something that represented us as a couple and our hopes for Michael while he grows up.

I also knew that I wanted to keep it simple. This neutral woodland theme nursery was a perfect fit.

The first thing to fall into place was these watercolor animal prints that I found on Etsy. (You can snag them HERE. P.S. she also has super cute t-shirts in her shop)

The bear, pine trees, and moose perfectly tied in to our adventures during our last trip to Glacier National Park – in which we almost got killed by both a momma moose and a momma grizzly bear within hours of one another. I’ll have to tell you the full story some time 🙂

Since we can’t wait to take Michael on all sorts of adventures I thought this was the perfect inspiration to start with!

Next up, a little DIY project.

Next came the dresser which is actually a super old Ikea Kallax bookcase that got a makeover. I added moulding from the hardware store to the top and bottom along with some furniture feet and then gave the whole thing a few coats of white paint and ordered foldable cubes off Amazon and voila! A super chic dresser / changing table.

My final project was a gift for Paul. I took Army memorabilia from him, his dad, and his grandfather and made him a set of shadow boxes to hang over the crib. The first box contains his grandfather’s satchel and holster that he carried in WWII. The middle box contains a backpack that his father brought back from Vietnam along with his two Purple Hearts. The last box contains all three of Paul’s berets along with his patches and dog tags. I loved the idea of the legacy this shows through three generations and hopefully it will be a special keepsake for Michael once he gets older.

Can we talk about that sheep blanket?

Lastly I can’t go without talking about the sheep blanket that my cousin Belinda made for us! I sent both of our moms a photo of this blanket and asked if they could make it for Michael. I don’t know anything about crochet so I had no idea how hard it would be to make this thing!

Neither mom could make it, but my mom sent it to my cousin Belinda and low and behold a few weeks later a finished blanket appeared in the mail! She also made a smaller one out of the softest yarn ever. I love them both so much.


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