June 12, 2015

Meet the Mollie Tobias Photography creative team

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If you follow me on Instagram or happened to read my “A Day in the Life” post recently you will know that I am a crazy dog person.

I talk about my dogs like they are children to everyone who will listen (or who is unfortunate enough to be too polite too walk away from me) and my Instagram feed is full of photos of the pups daily antics.

The pups are such a big part of my life that I decided to officially add them to the Mollie Tobias Photography creative team.  Lucky for me, the get paid in dogfood and they don’t mind my weird hours.

Alexandria, or Lexi, was our first addition to the Mollie Tobias Photography family (not counting the disastrous cat experiment with Lily, God rest her soul, which thoroughly convinced me that I am a dog person).

Lexi is the resident superhero. Mild mannered by day she spends most of her time napping in the lounge area or rolling on her back in the grass, but she can also leap a 6′ privacy fence in a single-ish bound.

She can be a bit mercurial, so it is best to wait until she’s had her breakfast and her morning nap before you try to engage her in conversation.  I like to think of her as my office manager since her favorite post is under my desk by my feet. She is, unfortunately, not very good at Quickbooks or invoicing but she does keep my toes warm.

Lexi shows great determination and will stand her ground to the bitter end. Lexi is also an excellent party planner since she loves attention and food more than just about anything else on earth.

A bit of a loner, she is occasionally prone to bouts of joyful romping that bring a sense of fun to the office.


Mars heads up the Human Resources department here at Mollie Tobias Photography. Mars has been a part of the MTP team since 2006 when he came to us as a rescue.

Mars’ life prior to finding a home at MTP was a rough road.  Mars spent the first four months of his life being raised in a fighting ring. After being beaten and mistreated he was abandoned and a friend of a friend brought him to us. When we got him he was a scrawny pup that was all legs and a huge head.

Since joining MTP, Mars has flourished. Mars went from being a timid pup to a dog that is happiest surrounded by his people. He is always he first to greet visitors at the door and he invariably ends up being everyone’s favorite.  When you come over he will spend the entire time snuggled up with you sitting on your lap – even if you are on a chair that couldn’t possibly accommodate more than one person.

Mars watches over everyone in the office and is always there to cheer you up if your having a hard day.


Kreiger, lovingly referred to as Kreiger monster, is the newest member of our team.

Kreiger joined the MTP team in June of 2014 all fluff, ears, and big plans. Kreiger is the “chatty Kathy” of the office. He chases the rest of us, and his tail, around the office all day aggressively gently encouraging us to engage with him.

Kreiger is smart and motivated (mostly by tennis balls and hot dogs). He sets a fast pace in the office and works as hard as he plays. Not shy about communicating, he is very task oriented and full of infectious energy.


We will be in touch soon. 

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