December 28, 2016

Southern Pines Children’s Photography Session – Katelyn

Now that I have moved back to Southern Pines I am looking forward to photographing a ton of family and Southern Pines children’s photography sessions!
This Gainesville children’s photography session from before the move was a blast!

family photos northern virginia

Look at those little cuties!
We had William who is 4, McKenna who is 2, and Jamie who is 8 months.
Their mom, Katelyn, shared a bit about each child with me.

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5 words that describe William are curious, kind, earnest, enthusiastic and thoughtful.
McKenna is a little shy, but also talkative, loving, independent and clever.

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Jamie, the youngest, is sweet, observant, snuggly, easy-going and busy!


childrens photography gainesville

William was the perfect age for enjoying Halloween this year. He wore his costume for weeks in advance, ran ahead of the crowds trick or treating and handed out high fives to everyone he passed.

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childrens photographer gainesville

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McKenna started preschool a full year younger than William did.
I was worried about her attachment to me and the adjustment, but on the first day and every day since she walks confidently into her classroom without looking back. She is her own woman.

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fall photos bristow va

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Jamie is pretty little, so a lot of his stories aren’t very interesting. But I’ll always remember that his very first smile came one morning when William leaned over his crib and started talking to him. He loves watching and interacting with his siblings.

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Our favorite family activity is visiting the park and walking the nature trails.
It’s great for everyone to get outside and the older kids love to run ahead and tell us what they see.

gainesville childrens photography

gainesville family photographer


Spending this time together gives the kids an opportunity to run and burn of energy, explore their surroundings and learn about the outdoors.
It also gives Brendan and me a chance to catch up and watch the kids playing together.

gainesville family photography

kids photos bristow station va

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Knowing Jamie is our last baby has given me a deeper appreciation for how fast this time flies.

They’ll never be this little again and I wanted to have these pictures taken to remember it.


Manassas childrens photography

northern virginia childrens photography


I know the older they get the less they’ll need (and want!) me around and I wanted to remember the sweetness of that.


northern virginia family photographer


On the other hand, having three 4 and under is a lot of work, and I’m sure I’ll be relieved when they can manage a bit better on their own.


northern virginia family photography


Summer is a great time for Southern Pines children’s photography sessions since the kids are out of school!  If you would like to schedule a session contact me today.



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