August 15, 2018

Holiday Minis { Southern Pines Photographer } Lisa + Ryan

Holiday Minis

Southern Pines Photographer }

Lisa + Ryan

This past month one of the photos that I took for Lisa and Ryan’s holiday mini session was published in Southern Living Magazine, y’all!

Lisa’s dogs are already a little inst-famous (check them out @oliverandleothedoodlebros) and they are pretty much the spokesdogs for R. Riveter, but it was still really neat to see one of the photos that I took of them featured in a major magazine like Southern Living!

I usually offer mini sessions each Fall for the holidays and when the magazine came out I realized that I had never blogged Lisa’s session so I just had to use this opportunity to rectify that situation!


Oliver and Leo are both Good Citizen certified Labradoodles and you can tell all of the hard work and training that Lisa and Ryan put in because they are absolute angels!

They sat on the front porch with no collars and did exactly as they were asked for the entire session.  Plus, how cute are they??  I wish that all of my sessions involved dogs.


Lisa and Ryan have a beautiful home and backyard that were the perfect backdrop for their photo session.

Lisa also did a great job with accessories and props that kept the session casual and relaxed but also fun and festive. A scarf is a great way to add a pop of color and it is easy to take on and off during the session.

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