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September 20, 2013

Destination Wedding Photography – Cody and Deanna’s Savannah, GA Plantation Wedding

I have been a little behind blogging my weddings, which is bad news for me because I have a bunch of work all piled up, but good news for you because you are going to get to see a few right in a row.  A lot of you know that I love Savannah, Georgia.  I went to college there and that is also where I met Cody.  You might remeber our Tybee Island Engagement session over Saint Patrick’s Day.  Cody and Dea were so laid back that I just knew that their wedding was going to be fabulous.  What do you know, I was right!

Cody and Deanna were married at The Mackey House outside Savannah and it is a photgrapher’s dream for a wedding.  Quaint, lovely gardens, and a beautiful house to shoot in.  I was a little bummed when it started pouring rain as soon as I arrived, but the rain let up just in time for us to have the first look.  I guess that means they got the best of both worlds – the luck from having it rain on your wedding day along with sunshine for the pictures and reception.


Congratulations Cody and Dea!!!destination_wedding_photographer_cody_and_Dee_1 destination_wedding_photographer_cody_and_Dee_2 destination_wedding_photographer_cody_and_Dee_3 destination_wedding_photographer_cody_and_Dee_4g-Collage-1378312312653 destination_wedding_photographer_cody_and_Dee_5 destination_wedding_photographer_cody_and_Dee_6 destination_wedding_photographer_cody_and_Dee_7 destination_wedding_photographer_cody_and_Dee_8 destination_wedding_photographer_cody_and_Dee_9 destination_wedding_photographer_cody_and_Dee_10 destination_wedding_photographer_cody_and_Dee_11 destination_wedding_photographer_cody_and_Dee_12 destination_wedding_photographer_cody_and_Dee_13 destination_wedding_photographer_cody_and_Dee_14


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