January 20, 2014

2013 Highlights – Travel Photography


Since I am travelling while I am writing this I figured that I would start of the 2013 Highlights posts with some travel photography.  While I did travel quite a bit this year, most of that travel was for work – destination weddings will be featured in a separate post later this week – so this post is only the travel that I did for fun.  This year we made a second trip back to Yosemite National Park in California for some backpacking and to do some more extensive photography than I had been able to do the last time that we were there.  If you want to read the whole post from Yosemite you can read it right here.

I made it back to Southern Pines, NC a few times this year and had a great time – as always.  You might remember seeing my trips to NC here and here.

Other than that, I stayed pretty close to home playing tourist at the Mall in Washington DC and making several visits to the National Zoo.

I will be back from Las Vegas soon, so keep an eye out for photography from that trip to be posted soon as well.



tigers at the national zoo in washington dc

lioness in the fog at the national zoo in Washington DC

lions at the national zoo in washington dc

Icheetah at the national zoo in washington dc

trees in fog

washington monument in the fog, DC

Yosemite Falls

close up of yosemite falls, CA

Pines in Yosemite at dawn

lone tree in Yosemite National park, CA


Yosemite Point wooden sign

Half Dome from Yosemite Point

full moon through the clouds

Tunnel View yosemite national park california

Swank Coffee Shop Southern Pines, NC

cheese from Southern Whey in Southern Pines NC

Southern Whey store sign

monkey at the national zoo washington dcSouthern Whey store sign

lioness at the national zoo Washington DC



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