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September 4, 2013

My First Capture Everyday Workshop Recap

Ever wish that you could take better pictures of your kids using your DSLR camera?


Most parents wish lists are pretty simple – they want dinner to magically make itself, the day to have a few more hours, to be able to take a nap, and to be able to take decent pictures of their children.

When your children are young they grow and change so fast! Each day brings new adventures, excitement and developments that you would like to be able to capture and remember. After all, kids are only this age once and you don’t want to miss a single memory. You are with your children every day, so who better to document those precious little moments than you?

That is why I created the Capture Everyday workshops – I wanted to give busy moms the tools and skills to document their children’s lives in a way that is beautiful and meaningful.


We hire professionals to capture those can’t miss milestones – maternity portraits, newborn photos, important birthdays – but there is also beauty in the everyday and let’s face it, it’s just not practical to carry a professional photographer around with you everywhere you go! You still want a way to capture those spontaneous smiles, memorable quirks, and backyard adventures.

It is this desire that leads many of us to invest in a digital camera of our own. Digital technology is evolving and advancing every day. It seems like that should make it easier to take better pictures yourself, but the truth is that there is no substitute for knowledge. A camera is a tool – no more and no less. You need to have the knowledge and skill to use that tool to achieve the end result that you want. The good news is, that a little knowledge can take you a long way towards improving your photography.

Photography is a fascinating mix of the technical and the ephemeral. Craft, vision, art, and skill all play an equal part in the creation on great imagery.

Think back on your childhood. If you are anything like me you have albums upon albums of photos from when you were growing up. The photos that I have of my parents and I together when I was a child are some of the most valuable and they only continue to grow more valuable as I grow older.

Don’t you want your children to have books of beautiful memories to look back on as they grow older as well?

When you are photographing your children, you are not just taking photos for yourself. You are writing a visual history of their childhoods that they will look back on for years to come. The photos that you take now will last them for generations. Let’s make sure that you are up to the task!

Two weeks ago I held the very first Capture Everyday workshop.



Over about four hours (and some yummy snacks) we learned the basics of how to operate your DSLR camera and then took our cameras outside to practice the skills that we just learned.  The photos in this post are a mixture of photos that I took while demonstrating and photos from the workshop participants.  Don’t they look great?




This post, hands down, will probably have the most photos of  me that you will ever see in one place 🙂




During the workshop, I made suggestions about where to set up our shoots and then coached each participant on any issues that they might be having trouble with.  We spent a good deal of time working on shooting in Manual mode or Aperture Priority mode so that everyone could get used to manipulating the camera to achieve proper exposure.  I am so proud of how their photos turned out!




After the practical shooting part of the class we sat down and  downloaded some of the images and then showed how I process my images.  I answered any questions that were raised about gear or software as well.








The Capture Everyday workshop was such a great time!  I can’t wait until out next workshop.



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