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March 26, 2012

Get more bang for your buck with multi-image products!

Mollie Tobias Photography offers several great multi-image options that let you get the maximum impact for your dollar.  You have all probably heard me preach on about the many benefits of albums (If you haven’t you must be new, so welcome!) but I wanted to take a minute today to feature a product that you may not have seen yet.

Introducing the Gallery Block!

Unlike the Gallery Wrap in which your image is printed on canvas and stretched around a wooden frame, Gallery Blocks mount your images on light weight, durable boards.

Gallery blocks can be laid out to feature multiple images and a three dimensional to give you a premium product with a big wow factor.

You can incorporate names and dates into your designs as well as customize the patterns and colors so that your finished product is 100% unique.

To learn more about Gallery Blocks or to schedule a session click below.

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