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March 10, 2014

We won the 2014 Editor’s Choice Award! You may think that it is odd that I said “we” won this award, but without my awesome clients I would not have been chosen! How do they choose the winners?  Check out their response below… Editors’ Choice Award Winner Selection Process The 2014 Two Bright Lights Editors’ […]

November 19, 2012

I got an email from my ad rep over at The Knot the other day…The subject of the email was “And the Winners are! Congrats!!!!”  The image above was attached, but there was no text in the body of the email. I opened it and my first thought was “OMG!!!!!” I started to furiously type […]

November 8, 2012

Congratulations! Having a wedding accepted for publication is an exciting accomplishment. Be sure to make the most of it by letting all of your fans and followers know about it. There are lots of options with today’s technology to share the news. Email I have an email template that I use to let brides know […]

November 7, 2012

So, your wedding submission got rejected. That sucks. Unfortunately, getting rejected is part of playing the game.  Many of the online and print wedding publication receive hundreds of submissions each and every week.  Getting your wedding accepted at your first choice publication the first time you submit for each and every wedding you submit is […]

November 6, 2012

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but before I became a photographer I spent several years working as an interior designer. I worked in one office which was a small office run by a husband and wife team.  How they managed to work together all day I will never know, but they […]

November 5, 2012

Setting up a styled photo shoot can be a great way to get some quality detail images for your porfolio, build relationships with other wedding industry vendors, or to try a new idea that you have been dying to get out into the world.  If you have been frustrated by the apparent lack of creativity […]

November 2, 2012

Staging your detail shots is an important step in achieving clear, interesting images to support the story of the wedding day. As event photographers we are often the observers.  We melt into the crowd to capture the action and remain unseen.  This can lead us to feel like we are not allowed to move things […]

November 1, 2012

Especially when you are first starting out as a wedding photographer and still building your business, it can seem like you will never get the type of brides that create those truly special memorable details that you are longing to shoot. There are, however, ways that you can encourage even the self-proclaimed “un-creative” bride to […]

October 31, 2012   How would you describe your blog’s style? Our blog aims to showcase the many different styles of weddings from all along the east coast. This means from New Hampshire to Florida! New England to the deep south! Therefore, we feature many different types of weddings from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. That being said, there […]

October 31, 2012 How would you describe your blog’s style? I’d describe my blog as a blog with offbeat wedding inspiration that aims to help couples in the DC, MD and VA area plan and execute an affordable and personal wedding. I love featuring different weddings and couples (age, race, shape, religion, etc) and I love connecting […]

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